Friday, October 17, 2008

Chordiant Architecture (Server side components)

Chordiant suite comes with following
Servicing Applications
  • Request server

  • Business Process server

  • CAFE (Common Application Framework and Environment)

  • Foundation sever
  • Security

  • Application components

  • Application components customization

  • Tools
  • Management tools

  • Development tools

  • Flow between different components
    1) The application submits a request to Request Server, specifying an ActionID and any other required parameters
    2) Request server looks up the ActionID in contextMap to discover how to process the specific request
    3) Request server as indicated in the contextMap, delegates request to the CAFE sever for further processing
    4) CAFE server interacts with Business process server to first initiate and later step through a named process flow
    5) Business process server loads the named process flow and will mention what custom task to execute to CAFE server
    6) CAFE server will execute the custom task which will return a set of rules
    7) CAFE server will forward the results to UI (Ex : custom JSP) to be tranformed into an HTML page
    8) The HTML page will be returned to the CAFE application

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